Prep Ironkey

Setup a working ironkey either through Initalize Ironkey or Reset Ironkey before unlocking for GPG use.

Initalize Ironkey

Do this if fresh Ironkey, or creating a new master key.


This is data destructive.

Initalize Ironkey.

Reset Ironkey

Wipes a working Ironkey to a default state.


This is data destructive.

Reset Ironkey.


Max 16 character password. Ironkey will wipe device after 10 failed attempts and force phsyical re-insertion after every 3 failed attempts.

Unlock Ironkey

Mount an unlocked Ironkey for GPG usage.

Unlock Ironkey.
sudo /media/user/IRONKEY/linux/linux64/ikd300_login
  • Open browser, click on KINGSTON to automount to /media/user/KINGSTON.

  • This is your hardware-backed encrypted storage.


The Ironkey is the only safe location to store secret key material.