7.2. Chrome

Chromium sync/login not will bo enabled after march 15th due to API going private. Run from AUR source. Recommended to use automated GUI or CLI methods as OS update check will detect new versions.

7.2.1. GUI

⌘ › add/remove software › search › AUR › google-chrome

7.2.2. Automated Build

Only required if the GUI is not used.

Install build dependencies and Chrome via AUR
pacman -S --needed base-devel git
pamac search Google Chrome
pamac build google-chrome


If prompted use default(all) package installs for devel.

7.2.3. Manual git Build

Build from AUR source manually. Not required.

Install with manual build from AUR
git clone https://aur.archlinux.org/google-chrome.git
cd google-chrome
makepkg -si

This must be updated manually.

git pull
makepkg -si

7.2.4. Disable Background Services

Chrome background services will cause “failed to restore properly” messages on startup.


  • ☐ continue running background apps when google chrome is closed

7.2.5. Use System GTK Themes

Apply the current system GTK theme set in UI and Themes. Requires restart.


  • theme: GTK+

  • ☐ use system title bar and borders