Example Unifi VLAN

Edgerouter using Docker Unifi Controller with VLAN Setup.

Example walkthorugh of creating a VLAN based network using an edgerouter as a router/firewall with a Docker Unifi Controller managing Unifi Switch/APs.


The most recent firmware update (~2019-10) has added telemetry to ubiquity devices; disabled by default.

Block or blackhole trace.svc.ui.com.

Read through Network Overview and prep these things before starting:

  • Always set an spare port on your router with a static management address without VLANS so you can get in if something breaks.

  • Set a spare port on switches for Management VLAN or ALL access so you can locally manage devices if something goes wrong.

  • Make backups of existing Edgerouter & Unifi Controller configs. Export all data.

  • Install Unifi controller on a laptop.

  • Set static IP for laptop, on the Management Network.

  • Always factory-reset equipment before configuring. This garantees fresh state.

  • Always physically label your switch ports so you can easily remember them when you come back in a year.

  • Switches/APs/Routers should always have static IP information set, so they are at a known address if they ever get mis-configured. Plan and document static IPs for these devices before implementation.


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