Vault is the built in encryption store for Ansible. GPG (and security key based GPG keys) can be used to encrypt ansible data, enabling ansible deployments with security key touches.

See GPG with Yubikey.

Generate a random vault password to use.
pwgen -n 71 -C | head -n1 | gpg --armor --recipient {GPGID} -e -o ansible.gpg
Re-key existing vault data with new key if needed.
grep -rl '^$ANSIBLE_VAULT.*' . | xargs -t ansible-vault rekey
Create script to decrypt the password for use.
# See:
# pwgen -n 71 -C | head -n1 | gpg --armor --recipient {GPG ID} -e -o ansible.gpg
gpg --batch --use-agent --decrypt ../cfg/ansible/ansible.gpg

Set ansible configuration to use the script for password prompts.

# If set, configures the path to the Vault password file as an alternative to
# specifying --vault-password-file on the command line. This can also be
# an executable script that returns the vault password to stdout.
vault_password_file = vault-gpg