Core Switch VLAN Setup

This will setup the core switch using VLANs according to example network. See Example Network Diagram.


Setup Core Switch

This switch handles trunking to the router upstream and connections downstream to switches/APs.

  1. Factory reset switch.

  2. Connect laptop directly to port 7 on new switch. Any port that is not going to be used for trunking or VLANs is fine.

  3. Connect switch trunk port 1 to eth0 on edgerouter.

  4. Connect to Unifi Controller @ http://localhost:8443.

Adopt Core Switch

Devices › Switch › Adopt


The initial switch IP may appear different (e.g. the LAN network defined on the controller); this is expected and is the default network for any new Unifi device adopted. This will automatically correct during adoption. See Adoption Failure if the device does not adopt.

Set Static Switch IP

  1. Connect to Edgerouter GUI @

  2. Reserve a static DHCP address for the switch.

Connect to Unifi Controller @ http://localhost:8443.

Configure Core Switch Management

Queue Changes › Apply

Configure VLANs on Ports


  1. Setting Management VLAN for Switches