1. Manjaro KDE Plasma

Use the standard KDE release: https://manjaro.org/downloads/official/kde/

Disable Secure boot.

1.1. Base Utilities

pacman -Syu vim alacritty

1.2. Enable Fractional UI Scaling

Use for high DPI displays per preference.

1.3. Capslock as Control

Change capslock to left control.

sudo localectl set-x11-keymap us pc105 ,query ctrl:nocaps
0644 root root /etc/default/keyboard

Reboot to apply.

1.4. Use Bash Shell

Default shell is zsh. Update user accounts as needed.

0644 root root /etc/passwd

1.5. GnuPG and Yubikey

Setup using Manjaro GPG Yubikey and relaunch shell.

1.6. Remove Nobody User

⌘ › manjaro settings manager › user accounts

  • remove user nobody