Block nefarious websites & Ads.

This will setup ad-blocking in the following manner:

  1. Router upstream DNS servers set to,

  2. Router DHCP Assigns Pi-Hole as primary DNS server for clients.

  3. Router uses DNAT to force all DNS requests to Pi-Hole (optional).

  4. Pi-Hole upstream DNS server set to router.

Clients will send DNS requets to Pi-Hole. Pi-Hole will either block, resolve or foward those requests to the router. The router will be able to resolve local DNS names and forward remaining unknown queries to upstream DNS servers.

Optionally, if the router supports destination NAT, all DNS traffic will be routed directly to Pi-Hole. This catches hard-coded DNS servers that many phone apps, IoT devices, and applications use.

Pi-Hole will have static hosts set in /etc/hosts to resolve multiple hostnames resolving to the same IP.

  1. Pi-Hole Setup.

  2. Pi-Hole Configuration.

  3. Force HTTPS Admin Page.

  4. Troubleshooting.