Edgerouter VLAN Setup

This will setup the edgerouter in a router on a stick configuration using VLANs, with no subnet restrictions (these will be applied after setup). Example Network Diagram.


Reset & Login to Router

  1. Factory reset edgerouter.

  2. Connect eth1, set laptop static, gateway:

  3. Connect to Edgerouter GUI @

    • Default credentials: ubnt/ubnt.

Basic Setup Wizard

Basic Setup (Basic Setup is the same as WAN+2LAN2).

Apply and reboot router.


The reason to use the SFP connection for Internet is to make it physically distinguishable from the rest of the ports on the router, even if it just converted immediately to ethernet.

Setup VLANs on eth0

  1. Set laptop DHCP. Connect to eth2.

  2. Connect to Edgerouter GUI @


This handles untagged traffic coming into the router; this is the Management VLAN network.


Add all VLANS using the VLAN Table to eth0. Management VLAN is not explicitly defined as a VLAN – untagged traffic coming into eth0 IS management traffic.

Setup DHCP & DNS for VLANs


Add DHCP for all VLANS. For the management DHCP server, set the Unifi Controller field to the IP for the permanent Unifi Controller and not your laptop.

Services > DNS > Interface > Add Listen Interface


Add for all networks and VLANS. VLANS will appear as eth0.vlanid.

Confirm Management Network Working

  • Connect laptop to eth0.

  • Laptop should pull a Management VLAN network address, with the gateway This means untagged traffic is being properly assigned to the management network.