Unifi Controller VLAN Setup

This will be used to setup the Unifi managed switches and APs. See Example Network Diagram. Download and install the Unifi Controller onto the setup laptop.


The most recent firmware update (~2019-10) has added telemetry to ubiquity devices; disabled by default.

Block or blackhole trace.svc.ui.com.

Basic Setup Wizard

Connect to Unifi Controller @ http://localhost:8443.


Skip device, wifi and cloud login configuration during the intial configuration.

Basic Controller Setup


L2 device discovery will help to adopt controllers which are not receiving a unifi controller DHCP option. These settings are only for initial setup with the laptop and may be changed or disabled after initial configuration to rely on DHCP or set inform.

Apply changes.

VLAN Configuration

Add all VLANS using the VLAN Table.

Add Trunk Port Profiles


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