All changes listed below are for very specific use cases, and should not be applied by default or without thought.


These can seriously break your shit if you blindly execute these. Default recommendation here is not apply these.

Execution Policy: Unrestricted (see: Setting Execution Policy).

Advanced Windows configuration. Specific configuration for specific cases.

Advanced References

  1. Windows Command Reference

  2. Windows Settings Shortcuts

  3. Windows Settings Shortcuts (Alternative)

Group Policy (GPO)

  1. Group Policy Administrative Templates Catalog (Registry, GPO)

  2. Windows Group Policy Reference

  3. Deploying Registry Keys via GPO

Windows Connections to Microsoft Services

  1. Windows Management Options for Each Component Setting (UI, Reg, GPO)


  1. Registry Data Types

  2. Windows Tweaking Scripts

  3. Well Known Windows SIDs (Security Identifiers)