Unifi Device Troubleshooting

Slow Adoption

On initial adoption the switch may be adopted multiple times as it is configured by the Unifi Controller. Adoption takes a few minutes and may look like it is failing. Generally this will be 3-5 minutes with typically 2 power cycles for it to finish.

  • Wait 3-5 minutes or 2-3 cycles.

Adoption Failure

Controller is directly connected device, but consistently fails adoption. This is caused by the controller getting wedged.

  • Restart the controller.

Consistenly Failing Repeated Adoptions

Once hardware has the Management VLAN set in device configuration Properties › config › services › vlan › management vlan, the Unifi controller must be listening a Management VLAN for the controller to be adopted.

  • Ensure controller is on port that allows same VLAN traffic as the Management VLAN set in the hardware.

  • Ensure controller is listening on the correct IP.

  • Ensure the hardware is set to inform to the correct controller IP.

  • Alternatively, directly connect the unifi controller to the switch with the AP connected to it.

Cannot Set Port Name

Port names cannot be the same name as the profile name being used.

CPU Load is Extremely High on Unifi Switch

Unifi Switches run a realtime OS, and you will see consistent CPU utilization regardless of switch load. This is an artifact of how load is measured. Nothing is wrong.

DHCP Not Working

Typically a MAC address caching issue, or Trunking ports are swapped/wrong.

Caching Issue

Caused by swapping networks with the same device too quickly, or caches not being expired when new VLANs are setup.

  1. Physically disconnect device from network, wait a few seconds and re-connect. If it works, you’re done.

  2. Restart DHCP services on the edgerouter.

Restart DHCP on EdgeOS (EdgeOS CLI).
sudo service dhcpd restart

Trunking ports Swapped/Wrong

Trunk VLANs do not match on Upstream or Downstream ports. If DHCP was confirmed working before final placement, it is probably a swapped connection.

Verify the device downstream is the correct device using the same trunk port profile.