15. Hiding Local Desktop for Chrome Remote Desktop

By default Chrome Remote Desktop will always show locally what is happening when you remotely connect. This disables this feature and presents a login screen instead, allowing you to work privately remotely. CRD will open a connection, then locally connect to remote desktop to hide your current session.

Installing CRD (Chrome Remote Desktop):

  • Sign in to Chrome.

  • Disable all sync’ing with account (if wanted).

  • Install the Remote Desktop Extension.

  • Launch the installer.

share (green button) › accept and install › run msi installer

  • On Authorize screen click continue

CRD › my computers › enable remote connections

  • Create a PIN for connection.

  • ☐ Improve CRD.

⌘ + r › control › System and Security › System › Remote Settings › Remote

  • ☑ Allow remote connections to this computer.

  • ☐ Allow connections only from computers running Remote Desktop with Network Level Authentication.