Unifi AP Setup

This will be used to setup the Unifi APs. See Example Network Diagram.


Use a unique IP and hostname for each AP device. Example Network Diagram.

  1. Factory reset Unifi AP.

  2. Connect AP to a trunk-wifi port (core:8, wired:5).

  3. Connect laptop to a management port.

Set Static AP IP

  • Connect to Edgerouter GUI @

  • Reserve a static DHCP address for the switch.

Configure Unifi AP


Wait up to 5 minutes for the AP to connect controller. If the device has pulled a address, it should eventually appear if L2 discovery is enabled on controller.

Devices › AP › Adopt

Confirm Wireless Network Working

  • Connect laptop to wifi network.

  • Laptop should pull a network address, with the gateway This means it is properly working on the wifi VLAN. Internet should work.