Putty Configuration

Generic notes until more finalized.

Putty Timeouts

putty › connection › enable tcp keepalives

putty › connection › seconds between keepalives › 5

Export putty settings (or go through full registry dump).
regedit /e "%userprofile%\Desktop\putty.reg" HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\SimonTatham

Create a putty shortcut that launches a profile.

Changing Escape Characters

Sometimes the terminal escape sequences that are sent are changed if you are running through multiple screen sessions into docker, etc.

Determine the current escape sequences.
stty -a


Find the escape sequence you are looking for (e.g. erase is for delete).

Determine the actual control sequence sent.


This will print the escape sequence to the terminal

Set the correct sequence.
stty erase ^H


  • Sets the correct escape sequence.

  • Press the key instead of manually typing it.

Forwarding X Windows

Use VcXsrv instead of xming. This is fully functional and does not have copy/paste or resizing disabled. Install as normal.

config.xlaunch example file.

  1. Save X window server settings to config file

    • start › xlaunch

    • Run through the configuration and save options to file config.xlaunch.

    • Move config.xlaunch to c:\Program Files\VcXsrv\.

  2. Edit xlaunch shortcut

    • c:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\VcXsrv

    • XLaunch › {RMB} › properties › Target

      "c:\Program Files\VcXsrv\xlaunch.exe" -run config.xlaunch
  3. Save and launch XLaunch. Settings should load automatically and start xserver.


  1. Backspace tab not working in terminal