Copying Data

Copy data with verification.

Install Utilities.
apt install md5deep rsync
Archive Copying Data.
cd /X/
rsync -avxhHAX {DIRECTORY} /Y


  • -a archive (-rlptgoD).

  • -v verbose.

  • -x don’t cross FS boundaries.

  • -h human readable.

  • -H preserve hard links.

  • -A preserve ACL’s.

  • -X preserve extended attributes.

Create Hashfile of All Original Files and Sort.
cd /X/
md5deep -l -r -e {DIRECTORY} | sort > /tmp/{DIRECTORY}.md5


  • -l use relative file paths.

  • -r recursive.

  • -e display progress indicator (not written to hashfile).

Verify copied files with rsync.
cd /Y/
md5deep -l -r -e {DIRECTORY} | sort > /tmp/{DIRECTORY}2.md5
md5sum /tmp/{DIRECTORY}.md5 /tmp/{DIRECTORY}2.md5
diff /tmp/{DIRECTORY}.md5 /tmp/{DIRECTORY}2.md5


  • This basically verifies that both hashfiles are the same (and therefore all files are the same).

  • md5sum will tell you if there is a difference in the hashfiles.

  • diff will list the files that are actually changed.

Verifying Copied Files Across OS’s are Accurate.
cut -f 1 -d ‘ ‘ {SOURCE}.md5 > {SOURCE}-hash-only.md5
grep -v -f {SOURCE}-hash-only.md5 {TARGET}.md5


This removes path differences, and only compares source hashes to destination hashes. Only non-matching lines (e.g. those hashes that don’t match) should be printed.


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