1. Printer Configuration

Configuration is done through the webface to minimize bloatware installation on any system.

Login using http(s)://{PRINTER} with admin account. Any section not listed is left at defaults.


Use defense in depth security practices and disable any printing services not being used. Always set non-default passwords and enforce restrictions on the device as well as firewall rules.

It is assumed that the printer is on an isolated VLAN with all Wifi disabled.

1.1. Administrator

1.2. Network

Always remove unused services and apply filtering on device as well as network equipment.

1.3. General

Any section not listed is left at defaults.

1.4. Print

1.5. Scan

1.6. Common Endpoints

May specify ports for all IP’s as well.

Web Service: http://{HOST}/WebServices/Device

IPP/IPPS: https://{IP}/ipp/

IPP/IPPS (jetdirect compatibility): https://{IP}/ipp/port1/

Specific endpoints as defined in network › network › service: https://{HOST}/{SERVICE}