3. Linux Setup

Manjaro drivers are provided via AUR, no need for brother specific downloads. Debian and Redhat packages are here.

Ensure printer is configured first. See Printer Configuration.

Install printing packages
pacman -Syu manjaro-printer xsane colord-sane
pamac install brother-mfcl2750dw brscan4 brscan-skey
Enable and force restart cups service
sudo systemctl enable cups
sudo systemctl restart --now cups

3.1. Add Printer

Correct installation may be verified by checking the printing resolution options, which should allow upto 1200dpi.

3.2. Add Scanner

Scanner device is added using the brother utiltiy through xsane.

Add brother scanner with xsane
brsaneconfig4 -a name=scany model=MFC-L2750DW ip={IP}


Scanning uses TCXP port 54921. Max scanning resolution is 1200x1200dpi.


3.2.1. GIMP

GIMP can be used to scan and export images/pdfs as well. Preferred.

Install GIMP
pacman -Syu colord-sane xsane xsane-gimp gimp

Scanning may be verified by navigating to file › create › Xsane: Brother{#}:net{#};dev{#} and acquring and preview from the main xsane window that opens. This may pop under other windows or on different monitors based on GIMP configuration.

3.2.2. gscan2pdf

Utility for processing scans alternative to GIMP.

gscan will scan but sometimes it will appear ‘black’ in the preview. Just save the pdf, it will be saved correctly.

Install gscan2pdf
pamac install gscan2pdf tesseract-data-eng


Install all dependencies for gscan2pdf: djvulibre, gocr, xdg-utils, tesseract, cuneiform, pdftk, java-commons-lang.

Scanning may be verified by ctrl + g and refreshing devices, run a scan and saving it.

3.3. Web Services Device (Scanner)

Web services may be used to connect the scanner, which is the same method that Windows uses.

Install airscan (WSD)
pacman -Syu sane-airscan
0644 root root /etc/sane.d/airscan.conf
'Brother MFC-L2750DW' = http://{IP}/WebServices/Device