Lidarr Setup

Music Management.

See Lidarr Docker and Documentation.



Docker Creation

You can copy your existing configuration to docker /config directory adjusting for paths.

  • The UID/GID should be set to a user/group that has access to your media. All media clients should run under the same user to run correctly.

  • Your downloader will report the download path mapped in the downloader docker/service. You need to map this exact path in lidarr for it to be able to post-process downloads properly.

  • See Basic Configuration for example configuration.

Docker Compose
  image: linuxserver/lidarr:latest
  restart: unless-stopped
    - nzbget
    - PGID=1001
    - PUID=1001
    - TZ=America/Los_Angeles
    - /data/downloads:/data/downloads
    - /data/media/music:/data/media/music
    - /data/services/lidarr:/config
    - /etc/localtime:/etc/localtime:ro
  • Proxy will forward traffic to the container, so no ports need to be exposed.

Reverse Proxy Setup

Allows you to isolate your containers as well as wrap connections in SSL. See NGINX for more details. See Setup Base Proxy Control for basic proxy configuration.

See Lidarr reverse proxy reference.

Using Subdomains

0644 root root nginx/conf.d/reverse-proxy.conf
server {
  listen       443 ssl http2;
  server_name  lidarr.{DOMAIN} lidarr;

  location / {
    proxy_pass http://lidarr:8686;
    include    /etc/nginx/conf.d/proxy-control.conf;

Using Subpaths

0644 root root nginx/conf.d/reverse-proxy.conf
server {
  location /lidarr {
    proxy_pass http://lidarr:8686/lidarr;
    include    /etc/nginx/conf.d/proxy-control.conf;


Set URL Base to /lidarr in Lidarr before enabling the reverse-proxy.

0640 user user /config/config.yaml