Windows Pro Install

Initial setup of a USB stick to install Windows without a Live Account.

Creating a UEFI USB Boot Disk

Using the Windows Media Creation Tool will create a USB boot disk, however this will be using MBR. This specific setup will create a UEFI USB boot disk:

  • Download full windows 10 ISO image with Windows Media Creation Tool

    • Create installation media for a different PC.

    • Select correct options (typically, english, windows 10 pro, 64-bit).

    • Select save location for the ISO file.

  • Create a reusable USB boot Disk with Ventoy

    • Download latest version.

    • Extract and run excutable ventory2disk.exe; existing ventory installs can be upgraded as well.

    • Once USB drive is setup, just copy the ISO to the root of the USB disk.

    • Reboot and select the ISO to boot into.

Installing Windows 10 Without Live Account

  1. Delete all existing partitions.

  2. Skip / check later all attempts to enter product key.

  3. Select use a personal account (non-organizational).

  4. Create a local account:

    • Create new account.

    • Sign-in without a microsoft account.


    This can be found on the lower left corner of the create acount screen.

  5. See version specific instructions to finish setup: Windows 10 21H2, Windows 10 20H2.