14. Telemetry

These services either do user data tracking, or are an unnecessary performance hit. See Telemetry Info.


After every major windows update, verify these settings.


As of 20H2, only GPO’s are covered, unless the value0 cannot be set or enforced via GPO. A reference link is provided to determine the appropriate Registry value to use.

14.1. Firewall

Endpoints for telemetry may change. Peridiocally verify these have not changed. See references for additional documentation.


These endpoints should be blocked or routed to a blackhole. See Pi-Hole and DNAT for Captive DNS.


  1. All Windows 10 GPO Settings

  2. Configure Windows Diagnostic Data

  3. Manage connections from Windows 10 to Microsoft Services

  4. Manage connections from Windows 10 OS components to Microsoft Services

  5. Application Telemetry