Windows 11 21H2

Download full windows 11 ISO image with


Currently a work in progress and not complete. Many Windows 10 settings have changed locations and options.

There are many non-trivial performance hits due to increase attack mitigation and requires a TPM and a recent processor. With a noted increase in password lockout during updates.

Highly recommend letting 11 bake for another year before seriously attempting to use it. Windows 10 is supported to 2025-10-14.


GPO should be thought of a template framework that applies specific Registry changes based on specific conditions at the user, computer and domain level. Registry changes are extremely specific and apply to the user or computer. Recent updates with Windows have been pushing more and more GPO policies to only work in Education and Enterprise versions.

Registry settings are only used when there are no specific GPO polices that can be applied. Only settings that have been changed or are deemed important are listed. Apply based on your personal preferences. Registry settings may be found in reference material if provided.

A reboot is required once these changes are made.


Any unlisted section/change assumes default settingss.


Rough install instructions from USB.

  1. Name your device: Computer can no longer be the same as first user name.

  2. Setup for personal use.

  3. Let’s connect you to a network

    If the offline option is not present in creating a user account, kill the networking manager to disable netowrk connections during setup:

    shift + F10

    Disable network connections temporarily.
    taskkill /F /IM oobenetworkconnectionflow.exe


  4. Lets add your microsoft account › Sign in options › Offline account › skip for now (microsoft account)

    There is no way to manage security questions in Windows 11. Recommend installing with no password then setting a password which skips security questions.

  5. Privacy for device: all {OFF}