Realtek A-Volute (Nahimic)

Realtek has added A-Volute(Nahimic) services to the install package. These generally automatically take over speaker and microphone settings to improve ‘quality’. They are also added automatically via Microsoft auto updates based on hardware detection, as well as through Dolby Atmos installation.

Disabling does not affect either realtek or dolby installs.

Nahimic behaves very much like a virus, automatically reinstalling itself and running two processes to ensure it is always loaded; providing no value to the end user.


If the realtek device is not being used, disable it in the BIOS. This will prevent Microsoft from re-installing the software everytime windows update runs.

Remove Startup Items related to this.

Delete files that have been placed in C:\Users\{USER}\AppData\Local\NhNotifSys*.